Krell S350 CD Player

Krell S350

The S-350 CD/DVD Player is a modular design featuring reference caliber CD playback as well as an optional state-of-the-art video engine that provides stunning 1080p performance and video processing controls. The base model, the S-350a establishes a new high standard of performance and value among high-end compact disc players. For home theater systems, the S-350a can be equipped with a sophisticated 1080p video stage resulting in the S-350av.

Incorporating an advanced TEAC slot load disc transport mechanism (compatible with CD-DA, CD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW), premium digital circuitry, Class A analog circuitry, Krell designed anti-jitter master clock, and sophisticated high-linearity power supply, the S-350a delivers performance unequaled by many more expensive players. It is the ideal CD player for the serious music lover.

Matched Burr-Brown DSD 1793 24-bit, 192 kHz digital-to-analog converters for each channel provide fully balanced operation with exceptional reproduction quality. The analog stage features Krell Current Mode, discrete Class A, direct coupled, fully complementary circuitry.

A coaxial and toslink digital input extends the S-350cd's digital to analog conversion circuitry to two additional audio sources. 12VDC trigger input/output ports enable connections for remote power on/off. An RC-5 interface is provided for remote control system integration. A metal handheld remote control is included.

The S-350a complements the S-300i integrated amplifier both in industrial design and sonic performance - a treat for the eyes and a feast for the ears.

Adding Video Output

The open architecture of the S-350a allows for the addition of a sophisticated video circuit stage that creates a new DVD player model: S-350av.

Optimized for the latest solid-state video display technologies including LED, LCD, DLP, and DILA, the S-350av includes a full complement of outputs. Video outputs include HDMI with resolution up to 1080p, Component with a maximum resolution of 1080i, as well as composite and S-Video outputs.

The crucial final stage that delivers the video signal to the display device comprises professional-grade circuitry. It is classic Krell output stage technology applied to the video domain-robust, uncompromising circuitry delivering the most vivid and detailed picture available for the DVD platform.

Price: $3,599.00

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