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About Tivoli Hi-Fi

Started in 1973 by Philippe Luder, this family owned business has lived through all the revolutions of the music industry. We have seen, sold and serviced every technology the hifi industry has put up.

From record players and reel to reel tape decks through to the digital recording devices of the 1990’s the demise and phoenix like ascension of Vinyl through to today’s hi resolution music streamers and portable music player and whatever the future holds we move with the times.

At its heart Tivoli hifi is run and operated by music lovers, we listen to music; buy music, stream music and go to live music gigs. Our job and purpose is to help like-minded music lovers get the best home experience from their music, we stock in store some of the best equipment in the world to achieve this.

We also understand that getting the best musical experience is a journey and often you can’t quite reach what you want with your first hi-fi or head-fi system. Through a consultative approach we can put you on the right path. We have always offered introductory systems and every step along the way to reach your goal of the best possible sound experience.

We don’t judge you for your musical taste, as music lovers we have learned more about music new and old from our customers than any other medium. Our purpose is to help you get the most out of your music.

We have 9 display/demonstration rooms in our Hawthorn East showroom and a vast array of hifi to demonstrate and offer you. We can replace or add to your existing stereo or create whole systems.

Tivoli hifi specialises in Turntables, amplifiers, CD players, music streamers, Televisions, Headphones, DA converters and of course speakers of every shape and size.

We are open 5 days a week including all day Saturday, you don’t need an appointment, just walk in and say hello. Anything in store is available to be listened to, however sometimes it pays to call us first and let us know what you want to hear so we can set it up first.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm , Sunday and Monday closed.