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Bowers & Wilkins

Tivoli Hi-Fi and Bowers and Wilkins have been inseparable since the mid 1970’s. With a line-up of products encompassing headphones and Bluetooth speakers, bookshelf speakers and room filling speakers it’s easy to understand why Bowers and Wilkins is integral to the Tivoli Hi-Fi story.

Bowers and Wilkins have just celebrated their 50th anniversary with a new range of their award winning 800diamond series speakers which are a must on the listening list of everybody who is interested in high end speakers, these speakers now as 4th generation- a dynasty that has been running since 1980 with the release of the 801 Matrix are simply stunning and show an evolution of technology un paralleled by any other brand – and an incomparable desire for ownership.

Bowers and Wilkins’ products are on display in many of Tivoli Hi-Fi’s 9 demonstration suites and areas and are available to listen to with many of the leading electronics brands including Rotel, McIntosh, Electrocompaniet, PS audio and Audio Research.

Contact Tivoli Hi-Fi today to find out we can improve your listening experience with Bowers and Wilkins.

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ONLY $229


The leather-clad P3S2 is the best sounding affordable headphone B&W has ever produced.

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The P5 features an all-new drive unit design that raises sound quality to new levels.

ONLY $599


The very best components, finest materials and impeccable build quality together offer performance and luxurious comfort.

ONLY $1399


“Impeccable build quality, slick engineering, and high-quality sound, the P9 is a true luxury experience.” iLounge

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Bowers & Wilkins - Upgrade your Sound

ModelDescriptionRRPMinimum Trade in Value

800 Series Diamond

800 D3 Pair3-way floor standing speaker$41,900.00$4,190
802 D3 Pair3-way floor standing speaker$33,900.00$3,390
803 D3 Pair3-way floor standing speaker$22,900.00$2,290
804 D3 Pair3-way floor standing speaker$12,900.00$1,290
805 D3 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$7,900.00$790
HTM1 D3 Each3-way centre speaker$7,900.00$790
HTM2 D3 Each3-way centre speaker$5,500.00$550
FS-805 D3 Pair**Stands for 805 D3$1,499.00$150
FS-HTM D3 Each**Stand for HTM 1 and 2$1,099.00$110

700 Series

702 S2 Pair3-way floor standing speakers$6,500.00$650
703 S2 Pair3-way floor standing speakers$4,699.00$470
704 S2 Pair3-way floor standing speakers$3,799.00$380
705 S2 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$3,499.00$350
706 S2 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$2,199.00$220
707 S2 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$1,499.00$150
HTM71S2 Each3-way centre speaker$1,799.00$180
HTM72 S2 Each2-way centre speaker$1,199.00$120
FS - 700 s2 Pair**Stands for 705, 706, 707$799.00$80

600 Series

683 S2 Pair3-way floor standing speakers$2,499.00$250
684 S2 Pair2-way floor standing speakers$1,699.00$170
685 S2 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$999.00$100
686 S2 Pair2-way shelf/stand speakers$799.00$80
HTM61 S2 Each250mm active subwoofer$1,099.00$110
HTM62 S2 Each3-way centre speaker$649.00$65
ASW610 XP Ash Each250mm active subwoofer$1,799.00$180
ASW610 Ash Each250mm active subwoofer$999.00$100
ASW608 Ash Each200mm active subwoofer$749.00$75
STAV24 S2 pair** Stands to suit 685 / 686$299.00$30

DB Subwoofer Series

DB-1D EachDual 300mm active subwoofer$6,900.00$690
DB-2D EachDual 250mm active subwoofer$5,300.00$530
DB-3D EachDual 200mm active subwoofer$3,599.00$360
DB4S Each250mm active subwoofer$2,599.00$260

Mini Theatre Series

MT-505.1 channel Home Cinema Pack$2,399.00$240
MT-555.1 channel Home Cinema Pack$2,649.00$265
MT-60D5.1 channel Home Cinema Pack$3,949.00$395
FS - M-1 Stands Pair**Stands to suit Mini Theatre speakers$549.00$55
PV1DDual 200mm active subwoofer$2,299.00$230

Personal Audio^

Zeppelin WirelessAirplay/ BT Wireless Speaker$899.95$90
P9 SignatureReference Over Ear Headphones$1,249.95$125
PXNoise Cancelling Headphones$549.95$55

^ Conditions apply to Personal Audio Trade ins
** Speaker stands may only be included with a speaker purchase and may not exceed the value of the speakers purchased

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Please feel free to to ask us about price, availability, suitability, trade-in value, or anything else and we will contact you as soon as we can.

NB. Tivoli Hi-Fi prides itself on our professionalism, service and affordability.  If you happen to find a cheaper price anywhere, please let us know and we will do all we can to match or better it.

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Tivoli Hi-Fi is located 160m from Rivoli Cinema on the opposite side or the road heading towards the CBD.


  • Free parking on site limited to 2 spaces
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From Flinders St Station catch the Belgrave/Lilydale Line to Camberwell Station and we are a 650m walk


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