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A name that surely needs no introduction, well if you insist! A true marquee name in audio B&W has been producing loudspeakers since the late 1960’s. Their relationship with Tivoli Hi-Fi stretches back to 1979 when the first of the legendary 800 series was produced. Since then B&W have taken the 800 series to greater and greater heights. From the 600 to the CM series, all B&W speakers use technology and techniques directly derived from the 800 series. Abbey Road and Deutsch Gramophone use the 801 and 800 in their mastering studios. A quick flick through your record collection and you are sure to find many or your favourite titles will have been mastered and recorded using a B&W speaker. B&W have a unique synergy with Electrocompaniet products, we are always happy to demonstrate a unique combination of equipment is sure to satisfy.