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Electrocompaniet is a Norwegian designed and built amplifier brand, which blasted onto the market in 1976, receiving high praise with "Audio freaks - eat your hearts out. This is the world's best sounding amplifier". Audio critic 1976. This was no accident as Electrocompaniet's amplifier technology was built on now patented technological design and ideas. Legend has it that Tivoli Hi-Fi accepted one of the amplifiers in to our repair department in 1985 and Tony, our resident audio genius and technical wizard , pulled it apart and fell in love with the design and before you know it Philippe Luder was flying to Norway to return with the golden fleece.

That was then - this is now.. 32 years have passed and Electrocompaniet is the jewel in Tivoli Hi-Fi's crown, driving the fabled Bowers and Wilkins 800series speakers as they do in London's Abbey Road studios, and exciting all-comers willing to listen. With their signature shiny black front panel, gold navigation buttons and truly analogue sound owners of Electrocompaniet stop talking to us about Hi-Fi instead tell us about the music they are discovering.

If music really matters - it's more affordable with these new sale prices.