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Thrax Audio

Thrax Audio components are contagious, once exposed, listening to music isn't the same anymore.

We first experienced the magic of Thrax components when three enourmous crates with the Thrax logo heat stamped into the wood arrived into store. Why is all the good stuff oh so heavy!

Courage was plucked and they were safely hauled upstairs and excitedly opened to see what lay inside.

Gorgeously finished and polished aluminium greeted our gaze. The casework on the Teres Amplifiers act as heatsinks to help cool the tremendous power generated. The Dionysis pre amplifier looks like a single piece of aluminium, amazing!

A system was gathered consisting of a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 802D3 speakers, the Thrax Dionysis Pre Amp and the Teres Mono Amplifiers and a Doehmann Helix Two turntable that was just lying around.

We thought we knew how the 802D3 sounded, turns out we had a thing or two to learn. The amplifiers controlled the speakers like nothing we had heard before. The room sounded twice the size yet was we were able to pinpoint precisely where every instrument was in the mix. It was no longer listening to a hifi system, there was just music. Hours were spent after the "Closed" sign went up for the day pulling out albums and rediscovering albums we thought we knew back to front.

To properly present this amazing range of electronics we embarked on a major renovation of our room, with new carpet, layout and treating it with Artnovian Room Acoustic treatments. That's right we upgraded!

Thrax products possess that special "something" that separate the exceptional from the very good and has elevated their reputation around the globe as one of the true artisans producing products that are completely unique in design and sound.

If what you want to achieve is to instantly connect with the soul of the music and the essence of the artist , if you are moved by emotion in music, then Thrax will let you hear everything and let yourself go.