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Ypsilon is the twentieth letter of the Greek alphabet, so it will come as no surprise that Ypsilon Audio comes from the cradle of Western civilisation, Greece.

Ypsilon’s range of electronics achieve the sonic ideal and sound about as close to the music as can be imagined. Many have described the sensation of listening to a Ypsilon product as “a clear window” to the music, or a “veil lifting” experience that they never knew was there. At Tivoli Hi-Fi we just call it “transcendent”

Our introduction to Ypsilon came from a large wooden crate arriving into the store containing the Phaethon integrated amplifier. Lifting the 35kg beast from it’s over zealous packaging it was immediate that this was something out of ordinary. The case machining was exquisite, all terminals were from the famous WBT line and the transformer was a work of art. That should come as no surprise as Ypsilon make all their transformers in house.

After connecting the amplifier and waiting a little time for it warm up, a cursory listen revealed that the Ypsilon Phaethon was something altogether different than any of the staff at Tivoli Hi-Fi had heard before.

Staff members were rushed upstairs to our main Studio 1 to listen, in fact the following morning we arrived into the store two hours early to listen again and make sure we weren’t imagining it! Different speakers were brought it and all dramatically improved for having the Phaethon driving them.

Peter Walker the famous British audio designer described the perfect amplifier as “as straight wire with gain” We cannot think of a better way to describe the Ypsilon sound. It is that clear window, it is music being presented in the purest form and it presented us with a problem. Our main high end room Studio 1 was tired and needed and update. So to properly present this amazing range of electronics we embarked on a major renovation of our room, with new carpet, layout and treating it with Artnovian Room Acoustic treatments. That’s right we upgraded!

If you’re currently resting in the base camp on your audio journey and looking for a proper ascent, then adding an Ypsilon to your system will allow you to steal a march on a path that leads to the sonic Mount Olympus.