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Electrocompaniet is a Norwegian designed and built amplifier brand, which blasted onto the market in 1976, receiving high praise with "Audio freaks - eat your hearts out. This is the world's best sounding amplifier". Audio critic 1976. This was no accident as Electrocompaniet's amplifier technology was built on now patented technological design and ideas. Legend has it that Tivoli Hi-Fi accepted one of the amplifiers in to our repair department in 1985 and Tony, our resident audio genius and technical wizard , pulled it apart and fell in love with the design and before you know it Philippe Luder was flying to Norway to return with the golden fleece.

That was then - this is now.. 32 years have passed and Electrocompaniet is the jewel in Tivoli Hi-Fi's crown, driving the fabled Bowers and Wilkins 800series speakers as they do in London's Abbey Road studios, and exciting all-comers willing to listen. With their signature shiny black front panel, gold navigation buttons and truly analogue sound owners of Electrocompaniet stop talking to us about Hi-Fi instead tell us about the music they are discovering.

If music really matters - it's more affordable with these new sale prices.


Integrated Stereo Amplifier ECI3

The Electrocompaniet ECI 3 is a high current, fully balanced, integrated stereo amplifier, with six inputs. Manufactured in Norway this wonderful amplifier will breathe life and warmth into all you favourite music.
You must consider this amplifier when looking for a new stereo system. Always on demonstration at Tivoli Hi-Fi.


Stereo Amplifier ECI5MK2

Rated at 2 x 120Watts of high current power, this understated stereo amplifier will drive even the most demanding speakers with ease and musicality. For this sound and performance to come from a single box amplifier is a remarkable feat of its engineer's know how. Manufactured in Norway now a bargain.



A lot of Hi-Fi brands try to include music streaming in their Digital - analogue converters, Electrocompaniet thinks this is better left to Sonos, Heos, Bluesound and Linn and therefore have opted to make a DAC which provides a really rich, warm analogue sound to all your digital devices including your choice of Music streamer.


Electrocompaniet AW250R amplifier

This remarkable 250 watt per channel dual mono amplifier is built on symmetrically designed boards to provide a startlingly good sound stage and presence.


Electrocompaniet AW180 pair

Music lovers, recording engineers, record producers and reviewers around the world rely on the Electrocompaniet faithful reproduction of the original master recording.

were $15,495 - NOW $12,999! p/pair

Used in Abbey Road studios for over a decade, the Aw600 (Nemo) mono blocks were first commissioned to drive the B&W Nautilus 801 for EMI and have been a vital part of Hi-Fi history ever since.

were $27,999 - NOW $24,995! p/pair


Electrocompaniet EC4.8

This compact densely packaged stereo preamplifier is a perfect combination with any of Electrocompaniet's power amp offering& All the way up to the mighty AW600s the EC4.8 will continue to reveal the subtly and nuance of the most delicate classical pieces to the attack of Norwegian black Metal dirges.

STILL ONLY $6,995!


Electrocompaniet ECG1

Few amplifier brands can make a turntable that competes with the likes of Linn, Project, Rega and other esoteric brands. Electrocompaniet's ECG1 engineers say "bring it on" and have delivered something really special. Always on demonstration at Tivoli Hi-Fi.

STILL ONLY $6,995 plus cartridge


Electrocompaniet ECC1 CD

Some may say the CD player is becoming less relevant in a Hi-Fi shop. To This we say NO! Now more than ever, We CD collectors need a great machine to play our beloved silver discs.


Electrocompaniet EMCIUP MK4

Behold the top loading marvel of the EMC1up Version4. Sound stage, Bass, Depth, sonic image. Bring in your favourite Cd, it will never sound the same again. This product is simply stunning and delivers what you always thought was missing.

was $9,999 - NOW $7,995


Electrocompaniet ECP2

Most amplifiers need a special input for the turntable which is not built in, most amplifiers with in-built turntable (phono) inputs don't have one that sounds as good as this Phono pre amp. Organise an at home demonstration today.

was $3,495 - NOW $2,995

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Please feel free to to ask us about price, availability, suitability, trade-in value, or anything else and we will contact you as soon as we can.

NB. Tivoli Hi-Fi prides itself on our professionalism, service and affordability.  If you happen to find a cheaper price anywhere, please let us know and we will do all we can to match or better it.

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