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Questyle - Strange name but what a product!

We discovered this brand a little over a year ago and have been amazed by it. Using brand new state of the art amplifier and DAC technologies Quest-Style is the product you didn't know you needed or were missing. Focussing on headphone amplifiers, D-A converters and portable music players (DAPS) Questyle improve the core of all the music you love any way you want to listen to it. Browse through the amazing reviews on our website from both respected publications and our customers and you'll be bashing down our door to further your musical quest.

"The sound is very well rounded, as is the bountiful number of connections the sturdy, yet space-sensitive chassis holds. It aims to please, and its tight and dynamic recreation of music should supply any full-sized headphone with exactly what it needs to get the job done right."
- Audio Head


"This is a near reference unit for a quarter of the price usually associated with reference level performance. The attractive industrial design coupled with their patented current mode pure class A output provides the listener with stellar sonic reproduction."
- Moon Audio


"There's nothing retro about what's under the QP1R's hood, starting with Cirrus Logic's incredibly powerful CS4398 DAC, which is capable of decoding high-resolution music files with up to 24-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 192kHz."
- Tech Hive


"Whether I fed it classical, jazz or pop it played with total authority and ease. The headphone amplifier is taken directly from their flagship eadphone amp, the CMA800R, and the sound quality shows."
- Hifi Pig Magazine


"The best thing about this Questyle quartet is they all go after the same goal of neutrality and accuracy; the performance of one goes with and builds upon the performance of the others, and there's a sense that is you start with any one device, the others will logically follow."
- Hifi+


"The CMA800R was already one of the least intrusive sounding headphone amplifiers on the market, and what the full stack offers is a lot less, in all the right ways. It's dynamic, transparent, detailed, and fundamentally accurate, just like the lone amplifier, only more so."
- Hifi+ UK


The QP1R is brilliant. I got two 200GB micro SD cards from MSY for $71 each and it’s perfect. I had to get it in gold; it looks awesome. Thanks for putting me on to their products. I can see why you are so impressed. Next step is a new set of headphones. I’m happy to spend somewhere around $1k on them. Anyway I’ll see you when I get those.

"In summary, the QP1R is a work of musical art and joy and, particularly in combination with the HIFIMAN HE400S headphones, has completely transformed the way I listen to and hear music. A revelation beyond any expectations I could possibly imagine.. READ MORE"

- Christopher

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Please feel free to to ask us about price, availability, suitability, trade-in value, or anything else and we will contact you as soon as we can.

NB. Tivoli Hi-Fi prides itself on our professionalism, service and affordability.  If you happen to find a cheaper price anywhere, please let us know and we will do all we can to match or better it.

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Local Landmarks

Tivoli Hi-Fi is located 160m from Rivoli Cinema on the opposite side or the road heading towards the CBD.


  • Free parking on site limited to 2 spaces
  • Free 2 hour parking located at the Well Shopping Centre, also secure paid parking available
  • Metered Parking on Camberwell Road, one side all day parking is available at $5.60 all day, opposite side 2 hour parking at $3.60 for 2 hours.
  • Metered all day parking $4 located at Rose Street 300m walk from Tivoli Hi-Fi


From Flinders St Station catch the Belgrave/Lilydale Line to Camberwell Station and we are a 650m walk


No 70 or No 75 Tram from Flinders St to Camberwell Junction and a 290m Walk to Tivoli Hi-Fi